How to introduce metallics to your bathroom

If you’re looking to update your bathroom in 2019, make metallics a priority. A key trend in interior design for the past few years, metallics work especially well in a variety of bathrooms. If you’re short on time – or pennies – injecting a metallic finish with an accessory, such as a luxury toilet roll holder, can be a fast, cost-effective way to revamp your space. Conversely, if your budget allows, they’re a great way to make a statement, through a key piece of luxury sanitaryware. Chrome has long been the go-to metallic shade for bathrooms, but don’t be afraid to experiment. Copper, graphite and bronze are becoming increasingly popular. Mixing metallics is also a great way to add interest and show off your individual style. So don’t feel everything has to match precisely – clever contrasts can look amazing, too. Simply follow our expert guide on how to achieve metallic magic in your bathroom:

We can design and create a metallic toilet to suit your individual needs – just check out this beautiful selection below

Statement sanitaryware

If you’re after some serious wow factor in your bathroom, consider incorporating metallics into your sanitaryware. These days, your toilet doesn’t have to be plain white. Why not create the ultimate style statement with chrome, black, gunmetal grey, copper, bronze or gold instead?

Pick a statement piece or choose an entire sanitaryware set from our unique Lyonnaise collection for a bathroom with the wow factor

Metallic toilets are surprisingly versatile and there’s a shade to suit every design style. For example, chrome and graphite can work equally well in a period setting or a loft-style apartment. They’re also great shades to select if you’re a fan of industrial chic. Bronze is a softer shade, that will instantly bring a touch of warmth of course. But if you’re not afraid to bring on the bling, then go for glamour with a toilet or even a urinal in a gold finish! We offer a bespoke service, where we can design pretty much anything you require for your bathroom – residential or commercial. So this is perfect if (like Iconic member’s club Annabel’s) you’re after something unique and eye-catching. Just see below.

Members’ club Annabel’s is blazing the trail with these stunning gargoyle urinals, which we designed and created for them.

However, if gilt-shaded toilet pans feel a little too adventurous, do not despair. There are plenty of other ways to tap into the metallics trend. Consider a metallic flush pipe instead, or maybe a metallic cistern. You could always select aluminium in a black finish with gold brackets for an edgy twist on classic Art Deco style.

Be inspired by our Arcade Albemarle bath in a striking nickel finish. These tubs feature a unique Belle Epoque appearance, which bridges the gap between modern minimalist and period style. Made from high quality stainless steel, this tub is so stylish. 

Bathing beauties

If you’re a fan of warmer, softer shades, choose copper, brass or rose gold for your bathroom. These metallics work brilliantly with natural materials, such as marble and wood, too, to create a clean, elegant effect.

You could invest in a bath with a copper, gold, nickel or graphite finish for a statement piece with the wow factor. Then team it with one of our toilets in a similar finish for a match made in heaven.

However, if you prefer to play safe and add a dash of metallic magic to your bathroom, opt for our TRTC Cast Iron Bateau Bath. With brass legs, we have hand-crafted this traditional bath and finished it to an exceptionally high standard.

We love these gold swan taps from Annabel’s bathroom teamed with pink onyx basins

If a gold bath feels too bling, try some gold taps instead. Gold fixtures add a touch of subtle opulence, and work well with a white colour scheme. Add other accents, such as a golden towel rail or shower fixing, for a simple yet striking effect.

This round, copper Danish mirror from features a metal chain for a retro touch, making a great statement piece for the bathroom 

The magic of mirrors

Mirrors are another excellent way to introduce just a hint of metallics to your bathroom. A larger mirror (or even two) will help your bathroom appear bigger and brighter. Metallic frames stand out beautifully in any bathroom setting.

Mirrors are a relatively inexpensive way to trial the mixed metallic trend. Combining gold and silver works surprisingly well. So if your taps and accessories are cool chrome or silver, why not experiment with a warm gold mirror frame?

Another option is to mix and match warmer tones of antique gold, rose gold, copper and brass for some sophisticated glow. Keep your shapes simple to let the colour do the talking. Quirky details, such as a metal chain, add extra interest.

Crossville’s sideview glass mosaic wall tiles, for example, are a classy way to add some razzle-dazzle to your room. Offered in polished and matte finishes, they’re a great way to introduce colour and texture to your walls or floor.

Wondrous walls

If you’re a fan of sparkle and shimmer, bling up your bathroom with a metallic wall. Metallic/mosaic tiles are a great way to highlight specific areas: think floor, recessed storage shelf, or statement wall. Choose from shades of copper, gold, silver or tungsten – or mix your metallics for optimum impact. 

Behold this tarnished silver-gilt paper in Hannah Cecil Gurney’s home (her father founded De Gournay, the handmade wallpaper company). The gilded lucky fish are an innovative interpretation of the metallic trend

Wallpaper might not be the obvious choice for a bathroom, but De Gournay proves it’s possible. These days, wall coverings can be designed to be moisture-resistant too, making them the perfect choice for a bathroom with the wow factor. Hand-painted Chinese-style wallpaper won’t work in every bathroom – but don’t discount nature motifs/patterns for your metallic design scheme.

Choose a statement ceiling light, like these models from John Lewis. The smart metallic finish delivers an industrial-inspired aesthetic to give your bathroom some on-trend edge, but with timeless styling. 

Let there be light

All the best bathrooms have great lighting. The right lighting options will enhance your fixtures, fittings and surfaces. They will also help you create the right mood and atmosphere. That might mean bigger and brighter in the mornings, when you’re getting ready to face the day. Or cosy and relaxing in the evening, when you need to unwind before bed. Lighting is another great way to experiment with metallics in your bathroom.

If you have a grand design for your bathroom or WC, talk to us. As well as our existing wide range of products, we can create everything you need for your perfect bathroom. Simply order online or talk to our toilet imagineers about your ideas: Call us on 01362 684102 or email

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