Bathroom renovation: An Australian adventure

Antipodean couple Janene and Wayne needed some very specific sanitaryware to complete their bathroom renovation. However, our founders, Kelly and Mark at The Remarkable Toilet Company came to their rescue with the perfect piece…a blue and white toilet pan!

Seasoned travellers – and experienced house renovators – Janene and Wayne Beattie aren’t fazed by much. In fact, they initially lived in London and Scotland, before settling back in Melbourne, Australia. So, in house terms, when they want something, they really go for it. After all, they purchased their current property in Australia by phone auction from Hong Kong! However, this wasn’t one of the typical Australian suburban homes on offer, as Janene explains: “We weren’t excited by the architecture of the typical Australian suburban homes. However, on a visit, we spied this property that my father described as ‘very interesting but I don’t know what you’d do with it.’ It was stone and mud brick with a slate roof. It had character and needed renovation so we thought it sounded perfect!”  In fact, the couple has now been living here for 13 years.

The Remarkable Toilet Company toilet pan within a beautiful bathroom design
The couple’s beautiful bathroom on completion

An English country house

Their home is not as old as it first appears and Janene describes the style as that of an ‘English country house’. Apparently, a manor house that featured in Australian Ideal Home magazine in 1949 inspired the original builder. Then he completed the first phase (comprising three buildings) in the 1950s.

The builder dug clay from the actual grounds to make the mud bricks used in the construction of this home. Then the main cottage was built later, using reclaimed bluestone, topped with a Welsh slate roof. In fact, organic materials and reclaimed/recycled pieces have been a key component throughout this renovation project. So, the couple’s home still features reclaimed timbers, beams, windows, doors and flagstones.

Then, in 2009, the couple extended the cottage. Janene’s home still boasts a large 1880s lead light window and a reclaimed cedar staircase and marble fire surround. However, in addition, this home now has a gorgeous, main bathroom.

Carrara marble bath in period bathroom with toilet pan from The Remarkable Toilet Company
Detail shot of the original Carrara marble bath

Bathroom blues

Janene says: “Having completed all the other rooms, the time finally came to tackle the bathroom at the start of this year.” In fact, Janene discovered us at The Remarkable Toilet Company following a desperate search online for a blue and white toilet pan.

The cottage’s original bathroom had three main components that underpinned the décor. These included an old blue and white basin and an old blue and white toilet pan (plus associated seat and cistern).

In line with Janene’s philosophy to reclaim and re-use, she intended to clean up, but retain, the toilet pan and basin. The couple would then simply update the room with a new shower recess, plumbing fixtures and lights. However, that’s when things started to go awry.

Janene explains: “The toilet pan did not appreciate the vibrations from jack hammering the concrete walls and floor in the shower area. So, the existing hairline cracks in the toilet pan glaze gave way and it subsequently started to leak due to these vibrations.”

Then, the search began for a replacement. Janene was committed to keeping the blue and white basin (which survived the jack hammering intact). But it wasn’t easy to source a blue and white toilet pan to match. She says she did discover a similar toilet pan on a UK auction site. But Janene just wasn’t convinced the Victorian piece would enjoy the long journey to Oz. So, she decided instead to order a bespoke blue and white toilet pan from us.

The beautiful toilet pan we designed and created for this period bathroom
Our beautiful blue and white toilet pan in all its glory

The beauty of blue and white

We made Janene’s new toilet pan from one of our existing designs. This way, we could create a piece, to complement the traditional style of the existing furniture and sanitaryware. Then, when it came to shipping the piece, we ensured it was extremely well packaged for international transport. After all, we ship products worldwide on a regular basis, so we’re used to it! So, as a result, this new toilet pan arrived safely and securely via expedited shipment.

Janene adds: “The result was well worth the wait. We are delighted with our blue and white toilet pan from The Remarkable Toilet Company. It’s easy to clean and flushes beautifully! It’s the perfect replacement for the old one and complements our bathroom design so well.”

Burlington toilet roll holder from The Remarkable Toilet Company who created the toilet pan in this bathroom
The couple added one of our Burlington toilet roll holders to their scheme

The new toilet pan has a near-identical profile to the couple’s old Victorian pan, which meant it would fit into the existing plumbing. In fact, it’s even compatible with the old cistern and seat. Janene added one of our new Burlington toilet roll holders, too, to provide the finishing touch!

The Beatties don’t generally begin a renovation project with a strict budget. Instead, they carry out the majority of the work themselves and shop around to source what they need as economically as possible. So, Janene admits that the new toilet pan was an unexpected cost. However, they felt that the extra for their perfect blue and white pan was certainly justified.

Carrrrara marble bath in beautiful bathroom with toilet pan designed by The Remarkable Toilet Company
This Carrera marble bath needed cleaning and sealing

Reclaim, re-use, re-purpose

A stunning Carrera marble boat bath is the third component of the Beatties’ bathroom. This particular model dates back more than 100 years. In fact, Janene believes this tub featured in the property’s original bathroom. Described by Janene as an obvious ‘keep me’, it needed plenty of treatment to remove ingrained dirt then seal the bath. Janene even managed to salvage the existing bath taps with some new washers which she describes as ‘as good as ever’.

The Beatties are justifiably proud of their commitment to reclaim and re-use wherever feasible. After all, their existing toilet pan did not make it through their renovation work, but other sanitaryware did. The couple prefer to do their own design and product sourcing, rather than working with an interior designer. And they do as much of the renovation work as possible, only bringing in relevant trades when absolutely necessary.

We think they clearly have a discerning eye and they know their way around online shopping. They found an old chiffonier on e-bay, which they then repurposed to make a vanity unit. They also sourced Carrera marble wall tiles and porcelain floor tiles from a local tile gallery. Finally, they repurposed an Edwardian over-mantel to create a unique bathroom mirror.

Janene adds: “Our guests love the fresh, new bathroom and they appreciate that it incorporates old and new seamlessly.”

Beautiful mirror sourced for this bathroom to match the toilet pan and toilet system
An old chiffonier was repurposed to make a vanity unit

Eyes on the prize

While Janene appreciates the results are always worthwhile, she is honest that home renovations are not always easy. She admits that some tasks are less pleasant than others and that there are always unforeseen challenges to overcome.

Does Janene have any advice? Firstly, try hard to keep the faith at the beginning. Once the process is underway, and the end is in sight, everything is much more enjoyable. Secondly, she says make sure you have professional tradesmen and retail partners you can trust. She adds: “I would certainly recommend The Remarkable Toilet Company for your range of unique, bespoke and period replica sanitaryware and fittings. After all, our toilet pan fits in perfectly with its surroundings”

Our team is absolutely delighted with the results. The toilet pan showcases our skills and ability to replicate period sanitaryware, which will sit harmoniously alongside any original pieces.

Looking for the ultimate bespoke piece for your luxury bathroom? We can design and create top quality bespoke sanitaryware to complement your bathroom scheme. However, we also have existing items and you can see examples on our website here. Call us on 01362 684102 or email


Beautiful bathtub designs

June 14th is International Bath Day, which gives us the perfect opportunity to celebrate beautiful bathtub designs. After all, we do adore unwinding in a long, luxurious bath. In fact, there’s no better way to relax – especially if, once in a while, a glass of something cold and bubbly is involved!

Celebrate International Bath Day by relaxing in our Burlington Brindley Soaking Tub

Bathtub Burlington Brindley 1700mm Soaking-Tub-with-Base-Skirt-lrg

For many, like Greek scholar Archimedes, baths can be inspirational. In fact, he famously leapt from his tub, yelling ‘Eureka!’, following his groundbreaking hydrostatics discovery. (While bathing, he realised that a body immersed in fluid loses weight equal to the amount of fluid it displaces.) International Bath Day supposedly commemorates this special day and we can’t promise you any radical scientific discoveries. But we can showcase a selection of spectacular bathtubs, and hopefully inspire your new bathroom designs.

Freestanding and fancy

If your space and budget allows, spoil yourself and splash out on a freestanding bath. Nothing says luxury quite like standalone bathtubs. These days, there are so many different shapes, styles and colours to choose from.

Traditional-style tubs provide a cosy yet classic look. If like us, you’re a fan of indulgent, luxurious soaks, choose a slipper bath. These are named after their shape: one end is higher and curves up like a slipper. They are ideal if you’re after a deeper bathtub, and you can linger for ages without losing heat or comfort.

We think our Burlington Emperor Slipper Bath would work perfectly in a period bathroom design scheme

Bathtub Burlington Emperor Slipper bath

If your taste runs to traditional with a twist, texture is key. We’re big fans of our Arcade Belle Epoque bathroom collection. It’s designed to bridge the gap between today’s minimalist and yesterday’s period pieces. Our Arcade Albany natural stone bath incorporates sublime smooth curves and works well within both modern and traditional settings.

Our Arcade Albany bath is the perfect example of traditional with a twist

Bathtub Arcade Albany bath

Twice as nice

Some things are better shared. If you enjoy bathing à deux with your loved one, why not go large with a double-ended tub? They’re perfect for decadent, spa-style soaks!

Fancy a tub for two? How about our Cast Iron Bateau Bath – perfect for bathing à deux

Bathtub TRTC Bath, Bateau bath

Our handcrafted Cast Iron Bateau Bath features smooth curves and high quality stove-baked enamel. It’s available in an off-white eggshell shade, and either brass or chrome feet.

Of course, your tub doesn’t have to be traditional. Our mission is to banish the bland and bring on the bling. We have plenty of colours and textures to tempt you, so don’t be afraid to look beyond classic white.

Our Burlington Balthazar Double Ended Bath is available in three finishes, including black and stainless steel. The latter is perfect if you’re keen to add a modern edge to your bathroom design. Stainless steel is also very durable – and it will keep your bath warmer for longer, too!

Mad about metallics? Then feast your eyes on our stainless steel Balthazar bathtub from Burlington

Bathtub Burlington Bathazar bath

Showstopping centrepieces

If you’re looking for a bathtub that really stands out, consider unusual materials. Our Wood Panelled Bath With Steps is the epitome of Victorian-style chic. And it’s sure to be a talking point for any period bathroom!

This luxury wooden bath is carved from sustainable sources by professional UK craftsmen. It’s perfect if you’re a fan of organic materials, but still want to make a statement. Choose from mahogany, walnut or oak.

Yes we wood! Our gorgeous panelled bath with steps is sure to make a statement in any discerning period bathroom

Bathtub TRTC Wood Panelled Bath with Steps

If your décor is all about the glamour, your bathroom need be no exception. So, channel your inner French chatelaine – and ramp up the glitz – with this serious statement tub. Our bespoke Lyonnaise Bath was inspired by the grand chateaux of France. In fact, it’s available in several metallic finishes, including bronze, copper and gold. It’s also possible to customise the hand-carved ornamentation, for a truly personalised centrepiece.

Go grand: our bespoke Lyonnaise Bath aims to evoke the grand chateaux of France, and is available in bronze, copper and gold

Bathtub TRTC Lyonnaise Roll Top Bath

The art of accessorising

The right accessories can make or break an outfit – and the same goes for bathrooms. Once you’ve selected your bathtub, spend some time and attention on elements such as bath taps and mixers. The right tap can be truly transformative, while the wrong one can really ruin a look.

There are other practicalities to consider, aside from the aesthetics. First, know your water pressure. After all, you must select taps that are suitable for your home’s water system. Otherwise you could be waiting half an hour for that fabulous new bathtub to fill!

Many baths come without predetermined tap holes, so you have more freedom to choose exactly the style you’d like. In fact, certain models (usually cast iron, steel or stone) either come with pre-drilled holes, or none at all. If so, a separate floor-standing or wall-mounted tap is the way forward.

A bath shower mixer will be very versatile. It allows you to combine hot and cold water for the perfect temperature. Also, you can fill your bath effectively through one tap and rinse with the shower head.

Form and function: Our Arcade Bath Shower Mixer is stylish and practical

As always with design, small details can have a big impact. There are lots of different tap head styles available. Think hard about which ones best complement your specific sanitaryware and your general décor.

Our wall-mounted Burlington Bath Filler is available with a choice of four different tap head styles: Birkenhead, Anglesey, Claremont and Kensington

Bathtub Burlington bath filler wall mounted

Don’t forget about other finishing touches, such as the right feet for your bateau bath. This type of tub can of course sit flush to the floor. But certain types can be raised from the ground with feet, which enhance the ‘boat’ appearance. They also make cleaning much easier.

Bateau baths can be raised off the floor with our stylish feet, which further enhance their ‘boat’ appearance

The Remarkable Toilet Company logo

Struggling to select the bathtub of your dreams? We’re here to help. As well as our existing ranges, we can source and create bespoke items. Call us on 01362 684102 or email

Patterned bathrooms

Bold. Bright. Colourful. If you’d like your bathroom to have a bit of personality, pattern is the way forward. For adventurous interiors fans, there’s nothing drearier than a bland, identikit bathroom. Luckily, pattern is making a big comeback within contemporary design. This is great news for anyone who is looking for an excuse to let their imagination off the leash! Different colours and textures are a foolproof way to create a unique statement space. So if you’re one of the many who simply aren’t born to be mild, look no further. We can help you jazz up your bathroom or cloakroom with all sorts of different patterns and motifs. Read on for plenty of decoration inspiration!


White toilets, basins and baths… However, your bathroom doesn’t have to be this way! In fact, all white is not all right for everyone. So, take white for example – when you pair it with blue, it has so many more possibilities. Now, that might sound like a fairly traditional colour combination. But we like to give traditional things a twist. So, behold our stunning Blue Speckle Close Coupled Toilet. We think it’s the ideal patterned starting point for almost any traditional, vintage or contemporary interior. This toilet is available in both close coupled and low level versions. And if you’re feeling the blues (in the best possible sense) there’s even a matching basin!

What do you think our Blue Speckle toilet pan?

patterned bathrooms Blue speckle toilet


If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge with patterned sanitaryware, there are other ways to trial the trend. Wallpaper is a fast, easy and cost-effective way to introduce some pattern to your bathroom. Abstract designs work well, or why not experiment with a marine theme? If you’re worried about overwhelming a small space, create just one feature wall, like this.

We adore this fun fish wallpaper, showcased in this envy-inducing Brooklyn apartment, styled by Lauren Wills. Photo: Ungano + Agridomas

patterned bathrooms fish wallpaper

The fish theme of this Acquario wallpaper is super versatile, and is available in a range of different colourways. You can browse the full collection here.


Your bathroom basin is another way to experiment with pattern. A colourful countertop basin may seem an easier option. However, it will still add interest to your bathroom or cloakroom.

If you’re keen to stick with blue, other popular basin options include our Blue & White Pedestal model. Or be one of the first to enjoy our new Blue & White Parisian Basin.

Our new Parisian model is such an elegant design, it will work perfectly in a classic-style bathroom

Patterned bathrooms Parisian Basin

Why not add some pattern pizzazz with our gorgeous, new Peacock Basin, which is handcrafted, glazed and fired in the UK? The square style is perfect for adorning a handmade table or the top of a vanity unit.

Show off your style with our beautiful new Peacock-effect patterned countertop basin

Patterned bathrooms Square Countertop Basin Peacock White BG 01


Another way to introduce pattern to your bathroom is with fabric. After all, material will certainly help you achieve a bathroom pattern overhaul, so you can get creative with cloth instead.

Your bathroom blind is an obvious place to start. But remember, blinds are more than just a way to add some pattern to your palette. Think about condensation, light control – and your modesty! Brightly patterned roller blinds are cheerful and practical. This Fishbone Aquamarine roller blind from Hillarys is ideal for a family bathroom. We love the fun fish motif and the moisture-resistant fabric!

This moisture-resistant roller blind from Hillarys is the perfect way to introduce some pattern to a family bathroom

patterned bathrooms Fishbone aquamarine roller blind from Hillarys

If you’re new to pattern, or sharing a bathroom with somebody else who is, don’t despair. There are plenty of ways to start to add just a little texture and colour.

This Diamond Bath Mat from Graham and Green is a perfect example. The clever broken diamond pattern is designed to evoke old fishing nets. And it’s practical, as well as pretty. In fact, its non-slip underside and rug-inspired tassels mean cold, slippery floors are a thing of the past.

Pattern doesn’t have to be loud. We love the subtle design of this neutral bath mat from Graham and Green

patterned bathrooms Diamond Bath Mat Graham and Green


Patterned bathroom tiles are a great way to add interest to your walls and/or floor. Tiles are, of course, hugely practical. But they can also be immensely impactful. Mosaic tiles are a very popular choice, especially when used to create a feature ‘wall’ around a basin area. Top tip: smaller tiles with heavy patterns (and more grout lines) can look busy, and make a space feel smaller. So don’t be afraid to choose larger tiles. And laying tiles in diagonal patterns can trick the eye into seeing space as bigger than it really is. Chevron patterns work well here.

If patterned tiles for the whole bathroom are too much, why not compromise with our new Delft tiles-inspired toilet? Adorned in popular Delft tile scenes, this toilet will add a touch of Holland to your bathroom in an instant.

Our new Delft tiles-inspired toilet is a great way to embrace pattern in both traditional and contemporary bathroom settings

If you’re still unsure about whether to proceed with pattern, why not try some new towels? Bathroom accessories are a great way to test the water with any new trend. We’re very taken with these Bevel by Margo Selby cotton bath sheets, available from The chartreuse shade is sure to add some zing to your colour scheme. And we love the geometric jacquard weave – stylish and striking!

Patterned towels are an easy way to update your bathroom look

patterned bathrooms Bevel designed by Margo Selby for Madedotcom
The Remarkable Toilet Company logo

Need a helping hand with your bathroom design plans? Speak to us! As well as our existing ranges, we can create bespoke items, to help you create the bathroom of your dreams. Call 01362 684102 or email

Spotlight on…Kelly and Mark at The Remarkable Toilet Company

Meet our founders, Kelly and Mark, who are renowned for their gorgeously quirky bathroom design ideas. You can also discover where our design duo get their creative inspiration, from toilets and basins, to toilet brushes and loo roll holders. You’ll even find out the sorts of clients they get to work with, from top London design agencies to narrowboat owners. So read on and enjoy!

bespoke toilets gold toilet and versace basin
Bathroom bling: Team our gold toilet with our Versace style basin

How and when did you set up The Remarkable Toilet Company?

The Remarkable Toilet Company was set up in 2014, having amassed quite a collection of antique toilets and basins. We saw that, at that time, the bathroom industry was populated with plain white offerings…to paraphrase Henry Ford ‘you could have any colour as long as it was white’ and we believed that people were ready for change – to embrace colour and diversity within their bathrooms.

Can you describe the ethos behind the brand?

We wanted to apply the quality and attention to detail of the Victorian and Edwardian eras to a new range of products utilising UK craftsmanship and technologies. We also wanted to introduce mass customisation to the industry with our bathroom design ideas – we believed that customers wanted, and deserved, bespoke products, but at ‘off-the-shelf’ prices.

bespoke toilets this is a small example of pans and cisterns
We can literally design and create anything for your
bathroom from sanitary ware to accessories

What are the advantages (and disadvantages!) of working with your partner?

We have complementary skill sets, which benefit the company. Our distinctive bathroom design ideas are just some of the strengths, which we successfully bring to our brand. We live and breathe the business, being on call 24 hours a day, which can be both advantageous and disadvantageous!

What design/supply services do you offer?

In addition to supplying our own innovative products, we also supply high quality, off-the-shelf products from other manufacturers. We offer a full range of services for clients, from bathroom design ideas and visualisation, through to product development.

 Where do you get your inspiration?

Our inspiration derives from high quality Victorian and Edwardian original sources through to contemporary art, encompassing both local and global influences. This is one of the best ways in which we can evolve our bathroom design ideas.

Bespoke toilets Blue speckle toilet design
Our Blue Speckle toilet really is a work of art

Do you have a favourite design or collection?

We have several, I’m afraid – our Throne Toilet is both grand and beautifully well made by our UK carpenters; our multicoloured Victorian Floral toilet took two years to perfect the colour pallet and was our first major product range; and our Blue Speckle adds a touch of Jackson Pollock to a traditional style WC, turning it into a contemporary work of art.

Explain the types of clients you typically work with?

We have an interesting, diverse client base, from top London design agencies to end purchasers; from hotels to cottages; from narrowboats to castles. This enables us to be even more creative and deliver specific bathroom design ideas, which are tailored to an individual client’s needs.

bespoke toilets fitted gargoyle urinals at Annabels
What do you think of our bespoke gargoyle urinals?

You offer a bespoke service: what is the most unusual commission you’ve worked on?

We created some wonderful fierce gargoyle urinals for Annabel’s Club, London.

You famously champion bathrooms that are the antithesis of bland: do you have any favourite materials or colours you work with?

We love exploring new materials, colours and concepts. As a result, we want to make the bathroom the centrepiece of a property, not an afterthought. We aim to use our innovative bathroom design ideas in order to help us translate our clients’ bathrooms into temples of beauty.

The Remarkable Toilet Company logo

If you have design plans for your bathroom or WC, talk to our Bathroom Imagineers. As well as our existing products, we also create bespoke items, which means you’ll get the chance to have exactly what you require in the creation of your dream bathroom. Simply order online or speak to our experts about your ideas. Call us on 01362 684102 or email

Floral bathrooms

With the sight of daffodils, tulips and bluebells starting to bloom, the joy of spring is nearly here. And, consequently, you should be looking forward to the bright, new opportunities the season will bring. For interiors fans, the anticipation of spring is even more rewarding. After all, you can immerse yourself in a medley of floral designs, vibrant colours and bold patterns. So read on to discover how you can weave some magic into your bathroom, or cloakroom, with our floral bathrooms ideas to achieve spectacular results.

This bathroom photographed by Katya de Grunwald, and seen in Ideal Home, is a gorgeous example of how to style mismatched floral fabrics

Floral bathrooms example from Ideal Home


Choosing the right wallpaper to match your floral bathrooms ideas can seem a daunting task. But whether you pick a retro, vintage or contemporary style, it’s bound to add some colourful character. A floral backdrop is always going to be intense but a cloakroom, or bathroom, is the place to be striking. If you’re feeling concerned about the intensity of the wallpaper you have chosen, the key is to use it to create a feature wall.

What do you think of this amazing De Gournay wallpaper
seen here in model and actress Poppy Delevigne’s bathroom?

Floral bathrooms De Gournay wallpaper

If bold is part of your design mantra, you’ll be pleased to know that we think you should go for it! Remember, the bathroom is a functional space, so being brave with pops of colour can really bring it to life. Lush green hues and dusky pinks are the colours of the moment, especially when teamed with a floral statement wall. We think the stunning design of this De Gournay wallpaper is a great example of floral bathrooms heaven. So why not pair it with our pink sanitaryware to take your bathroom to new heights of style and sophistication?

We may be biased but we think our Deco Floral Toilet Systems are works of art

Floral bathrooms Deco floral toilet systems

If you love traditional styles and you’re planning to renovate, we’re pleased to say you’ve come to the right place. Did you know that we offer a beautiful range of Victorian-inspired toilets? In fact, our exquisite Deco Floral Complete Toilet System is the most authentic Victorian reproduction on the sanitaryware market. Available in a number of finishes, this bold and stunning floral design, which is available in a whole host of colour ways with different cisterns, seats and flush pipes, adds unforgettable elegance. Alternatively, take a look at our Victorian Multi-Coloured Close Coupled Toilet. It shares the same pretty, floral design, but in a size and design, which could be more suited to a modern home.


For anyone worried about the practicalities of having wallpaper in a bathroom, these subtle floral tiles from Topps Tiles may be just what you’ve been looking for. Available in four colours, they can be used to mimic the effect of wallpaper in both contemporary and traditional settings. This means you can embrace the floral trend without stepping out of your comfort zone.

Wallpaper might not suit your shower room, so why not try some floral-themed tiles instead?

Floral bathrooms Topps Tiles floral tiles


If clashing floral prints seem too avant-garde for you, keep things simple and elegant with pretty florals that are feminine and relaxed. Cath Kidston is renowned for her nostalgic patterns and this Rose Sprig flooring for Harvey Maria is a unique way to play with the trend.

Set your bathroom apart from the rest with this delicate floral flooring designed by Cath Kidston

Floral bathrooms Cath Kidston floral flooring for Harvey Maria

Another way to introduce some flowering drama to your bathroom is with our Floral Blue & White High Level Cistern. With such a beautifully ornate design, this will proudly take centre stage and no doubt prompt plenty of compliments from bathroom guests. It also goes fantastically well with our Victorian Floral Toilet Pan if you really want the ‘wow’ factor.

Our Victorian inspired Blue & White Cistern brings class and charm into any bathroom

Floral bathrooms Victorian-inspired blue and white cistern


Every bathroom needs a few finishing touches and, if you accessorize with some floral extras, this will bring your whole bathroom together seamlessly. This quirky petal mirror from Homes Direct 365 is a kitsch way to incorporate the floral trend into your bathroom without choosing any ditzy prints.

We adore this striking petal mirror from Homes Direct

Floral bathrooms petal mirror

On a more practical note, you don’t always need to give your bathroom a cosmetic overhaul to try a new look. You’d be surprised at the difference a few novel towels can make, especially if you incorporate a floral print. We love these charming Chelsea Bath Towels from Wayfair, which will look great in any bathroom.

With hints of red and blue on a white background, these towels are a versatile way to play with the florals trend

Floral bathrooms floral towels

Last, but not least, don’t forget the merits of a toilet brush. It may be a small accessory, but that doesn’t make it any less important! This powdered pink and blue design from Livelaughlove below sums up the floral style perfectly. We think it will look just as good against neutral walls as it will contrasting with a vibrant wallpaper. Don’t forget, we can design and create a bespoke toilet brush design, in a floral pattern that you choose, to complement your bathroom. So your options could be endless.

Floral bathrooms toilet brush holder

If you have design plans for your bathroom or WC, please talk to us. As well as our existing products, we can create bespoke items, which means you’ll get the chance to have exactly what you require to create your dream bathroom. Simply order online or speak to our experts about your ideas. Call us on 01362 684102 or email

Colourful bathrooms

It’s a well known fact that colour has a huge influence on our emotions, our thinking and our reactions. Just try to imagine a life without colour! Yet when it comes to interior design, that is all too often what happens. For bathrooms especially, many people mistakenly assume that white is the de facto shade. They worry that bold, bright colours will seem too brash, too vulgar, too intimidating. Well, we think it’s time for a rethink. Bathrooms most certainly don’t have to be neutral. And you definitely aren’t limited to plain, white, simple and boring. If you’re ready to be adventurous, we have plenty of colourful bathrooms ideas to inspire you. Read on to discover how to incorporate colour in your bathroom and create a stylish, modern alternative to monochrome.

Off the wall

If you’re not used to decorating with colour, it can be difficult to know where to start. Think about the shades you know you like, and draw inspiration from that. If you’re not too sure about coloured sanitaryware, why not start with your walls? Simply choose some colours and then experiment with the tones and hues. Make sure you place your shortlisted shades in all areas of your bathroom (dark corners, near the window, etc). That’s because colours can change appearance according to where they are placed and the light they are in.

What do you think of these Ravello Tiles from Fired Earth?

Colourful bathrooms - Ravello tiles from Fired Earth

It’s true that light, bright coloured walls can make your bathroom feel open and airy. But don’t discount darker and/or vibrant hues in line with the colourful bathrooms trend. We adore the bold blue of these Ravello tiles from Fired Earth. These were inspired by the tiles found at the Villa Temple Mare in the town of Ravello on the Amalfi coast. Perfect if you’re a fan of classic Mediterranean style!

This Sanderson wallpaper creates dramatic impact in this colourful bathroom

Colourful bathrooms - Sanderson flamingos wallpaper

If you want to add colour – but not on every wall – select a statement area. And don’t think tiles are the only option among your colourful bathrooms ideas. In the right location, wallpaper works surprisingly well in bathrooms, particularly in a colourful bathrooms scheme. We think the turquoise and pink colour on this striking Flamingos design from Sanderson adds real interest and visual appeal. Visit for more inspiration.

Get in touch to find out how we can produce a
toilet pan and cistern for you in whole host of colour ways!

Colourful bathrooms - The Remarkable Toilet Company pink toilet

Own the throne

If you’re feeling more audacious with your design ideas, we offer a huge range of coloured/patterned toilet pans and cisterns. So if you’re really looking to make the ultimate style statement with colourful bathrooms ideas, look no further. Whether you’re seeking something classic or contemporary, we’re sure to have a toilet that suits. Embrace the Victorian aesthetic with a floral toilet pan plus mahogany cistern. Go Art Deco with a sleek, satin black cistern. Or inject some contemporary style with a metallic toilet system. Choose from chrome, bronze, graphite or gold.

Bringing Art Deco-style into the now with this smart, fresh green toilet and basin

Colourful bathrooms - antique mint green Art Deco toilet and basin

If you have something specific in mind and you want to discuss your colourful bathrooms ideas, speak to us and we’ll be happy to help. Remember that you can also order traditional-style bathroom products, such as this mint green Art Deco toilet and matching pedestal basin, too. Get in touch for more information.

What do you think of our Tea cup basin? It will provide a novel
way in which to add interest to a colourful bathrooms scheme!

Colourful bathrooms - Tea cub basin

Basin matters

We Brits are renowned for our love of tea – and now the humble cuppa can help transform your bathroom too! This colourful Tea Cup Basin is sure to appeal if you’re after original or unusual fixtures. We think it’s perfect for a downstairs cloakroom, or a his and hers option in an ensuite. Other colours include pink, black and green.

Looking for primary accents of colour in your bathroom?
We can help with our colour-matching service

Colourful bathrooms - bathroom example as seen on Design Sponge

The art of accessorising

If you’re not quite ready for pastel sanitaryware, there are plenty of other ways to colour-bomb your bathroom. Mix and match some bold furniture and accessories instead. This is an easy way to introduce bright pops of colour to your colourful bathrooms scheme, without too much expense or commitment. Colour-lover Betina Bianculli shows us how it’s done with primary accents of red, yellow, green and blue. Behold her bathroom on Design Sponge – and we promise, you’ll never go back to beige!

Do you require luminosity in your bathroom? Then
you’ll love our funky flush pipes and brackets!

Colourful bathrooms - The Remarkable Toilet Company flush pipe and brackets

Updating your existing sanitaryware and furniture with coloured elements is another fast design fix. We supply flush pipes and brackets in any colour of your choice. Make your bathroom zing with flashes of luminous green, or stay subtle with more traditional shades such as copper.

Want something extra from your loo brush? We can
colour-match your accessories to suit your signature colour

Colourful bathrooms - The Remarkable Toilet Company toilet brush and holder

They might not be the most glamorous of accessories, but don’t overlook the humble toilet brush, bin or paper holder. Small accessories like this can create a big impact so don’t automatically plump for chrome or white. Our top colourful bathrooms tip is to select a shade that complements or even contrasts with the rest of your bathroom décor.

Citrus colours on bathroom accessories can instantly
bring a burst of colour to the bathroom

Colourful bathrooms - Wesco bathroom accessories

Citrus colours such as lime green are a great way to go bold and bright. This matching set from Wesco is a stylish way to dip a toe into the colourful bathroom trend. All three feature a powder-coated steel exterior for extra durability.

If you have other ideas of how you’d like your toilet brush and holder to look, just tell us what you’d like. Retro, powder pink, with gold styling, perhaps? No problem.

Add colourful finishing touches to your bathroom
with a designer bath sheet

Colour bathrooms Missoni bath sheet

The finishing touches

Everyday items, such as towels and bath mats, are an instant and versatile way to introduce colour to your bathroom. So ditch those boring beige bath towels for something with a bit more pizzazz. Why not treat yourself to this rainbow-bright butterfly beach towel from Missoni? We absolutely love the mix of delicate and bold colours.

If you’re looking for a touch of lighthearted luxury, indulge your quirky side with a Scion Mr Fox Bath Mat. Fun and funky, these can work well with a wide variety of colour schemes.

If you have a grand design for your bathroom or WC, talk to us. As well as our existing wide range of products, we can create everything you need for your perfect bathroom. Simply order online or talk to our toilet imagineers about your ideas: Call us on 01362 684102 or email

How to introduce metallics to your bathroom

If you’re looking to update your bathroom in 2019, make metallics a priority. A key trend in interior design for the past few years, metallics work especially well in a variety of bathrooms. If you’re short on time – or pennies – injecting a metallic finish with an accessory, such as a luxury toilet roll holder, can be a fast, cost-effective way to revamp your space. Conversely, if your budget allows, they’re a great way to make a statement, through a key piece of luxury sanitaryware. Chrome has long been the go-to metallic shade for bathrooms, but don’t be afraid to experiment. Copper, graphite and bronze are becoming increasingly popular. Mixing metallics is also a great way to add interest and show off your individual style. So don’t feel everything has to match precisely – clever contrasts can look amazing, too. Simply follow our expert guide on how to achieve metallic magic in your bathroom:

We can design and create a metallic toilet to suit your individual needs – just check out this beautiful selection below

Statement sanitaryware

If you’re after some serious wow factor in your bathroom, consider incorporating metallics into your sanitaryware. These days, your toilet doesn’t have to be plain white. Why not create the ultimate style statement with chrome, black, gunmetal grey, copper, bronze or gold instead?

Pick a statement piece or choose an entire sanitaryware set from our unique Lyonnaise collection for a bathroom with the wow factor

Metallic toilets are surprisingly versatile and there’s a shade to suit every design style. For example, chrome and graphite can work equally well in a period setting or a loft-style apartment. They’re also great shades to select if you’re a fan of industrial chic. Bronze is a softer shade, that will instantly bring a touch of warmth of course. But if you’re not afraid to bring on the bling, then go for glamour with a toilet or even a urinal in a gold finish! We offer a bespoke service, where we can design pretty much anything you require for your bathroom – residential or commercial. So this is perfect if (like Iconic member’s club Annabel’s) you’re after something unique and eye-catching. Just see below.

Members’ club Annabel’s is blazing the trail with these stunning gargoyle urinals, which we designed and created for them.

However, if gilt-shaded toilet pans feel a little too adventurous, do not despair. There are plenty of other ways to tap into the metallics trend. Consider a metallic flush pipe instead, or maybe a metallic cistern. You could always select aluminium in a black finish with gold brackets for an edgy twist on classic Art Deco style.

Be inspired by our Arcade Albemarle bath in a striking nickel finish. These tubs feature a unique Belle Epoque appearance, which bridges the gap between modern minimalist and period style. Made from high quality stainless steel, this tub is so stylish. 

Bathing beauties

If you’re a fan of warmer, softer shades, choose copper, brass or rose gold for your bathroom. These metallics work brilliantly with natural materials, such as marble and wood, too, to create a clean, elegant effect.

You could invest in a bath with a copper, gold, nickel or graphite finish for a statement piece with the wow factor. Then team it with one of our toilets in a similar finish for a match made in heaven.

However, if you prefer to play safe and add a dash of metallic magic to your bathroom, opt for our TRTC Cast Iron Bateau Bath. With brass legs, we have hand-crafted this traditional bath and finished it to an exceptionally high standard.

We love these gold swan taps from Annabel’s bathroom teamed with pink onyx basins

If a gold bath feels too bling, try some gold taps instead. Gold fixtures add a touch of subtle opulence, and work well with a white colour scheme. Add other accents, such as a golden towel rail or shower fixing, for a simple yet striking effect.

This round, copper Danish mirror from features a metal chain for a retro touch, making a great statement piece for the bathroom 

The magic of mirrors

Mirrors are another excellent way to introduce just a hint of metallics to your bathroom. A larger mirror (or even two) will help your bathroom appear bigger and brighter. Metallic frames stand out beautifully in any bathroom setting.

Mirrors are a relatively inexpensive way to trial the mixed metallic trend. Combining gold and silver works surprisingly well. So if your taps and accessories are cool chrome or silver, why not experiment with a warm gold mirror frame?

Another option is to mix and match warmer tones of antique gold, rose gold, copper and brass for some sophisticated glow. Keep your shapes simple to let the colour do the talking. Quirky details, such as a metal chain, add extra interest.

Crossville’s sideview glass mosaic wall tiles, for example, are a classy way to add some razzle-dazzle to your room. Offered in polished and matte finishes, they’re a great way to introduce colour and texture to your walls or floor.

Wondrous walls

If you’re a fan of sparkle and shimmer, bling up your bathroom with a metallic wall. Metallic/mosaic tiles are a great way to highlight specific areas: think floor, recessed storage shelf, or statement wall. Choose from shades of copper, gold, silver or tungsten – or mix your metallics for optimum impact. 

Behold this tarnished silver-gilt paper in Hannah Cecil Gurney’s home (her father founded De Gournay, the handmade wallpaper company). The gilded lucky fish are an innovative interpretation of the metallic trend

Wallpaper might not be the obvious choice for a bathroom, but De Gournay proves it’s possible. These days, wall coverings can be designed to be moisture-resistant too, making them the perfect choice for a bathroom with the wow factor. Hand-painted Chinese-style wallpaper won’t work in every bathroom – but don’t discount nature motifs/patterns for your metallic design scheme.

Choose a statement ceiling light, like these models from John Lewis. The smart metallic finish delivers an industrial-inspired aesthetic to give your bathroom some on-trend edge, but with timeless styling. 

Let there be light

All the best bathrooms have great lighting. The right lighting options will enhance your fixtures, fittings and surfaces. They will also help you create the right mood and atmosphere. That might mean bigger and brighter in the mornings, when you’re getting ready to face the day. Or cosy and relaxing in the evening, when you need to unwind before bed. Lighting is another great way to experiment with metallics in your bathroom.

If you have a grand design for your bathroom or WC, talk to us. As well as our existing wide range of products, we can create everything you need for your perfect bathroom. Simply order online or talk to our toilet imagineers about your ideas: Call us on 01362 684102 or email

Wicked cisterns

All too often tucked away behind the loo, or even hidden in the wall, cisterns can be the Cinderella of bathroom interior design.

But it needn’t be so.  Choosing the right cistern can really lift your scheme.  It can make a grand statement or simply add some essential period detail.  Replacing a cistern with a hand-crafted period design creates a real centrepiece for your bathroom and is more cost effective than replacing a bath.

So we say it’s time to bring cisterns out of the shadows and into the limelight.  Here’s a few which we think will steal the show.


TRTC Metropolis Black Ceramic Cistern £270 
Metropolis Satin Black Cistern & Antique Gold Flush Pipe 02 White BG
Add some Edwardian drama to your bathroom with the High Level Traditional Satin Black Cistern exclusively from The Remarkable Toilet Company.  Hand finished in the UK, this traditional design echoes the grand style of the early 19th Century.



TRTC Art Deco Aluminium Cistern Black £600  

Art Deco Satin Black Aluminium Cistern 480mm x 215mm x 275mm 02Conjure up the Roaring Twenties with this Art Deco style Aluminium Cistern, available in a number of finishes including Black, Ivory, Primed or Polished. Hand cast at our UK foundry, this cistern is exclusive to The Remarkable Toilet Company.



TRTC Traditional Wooden Cisterns from £400

TRTC Oak Cistern In SituStep into the woods with a crafted Mahogany or Oak cistern. Or have it painted in your chosen colour, selected from the Farrow & Ball range.  Made in our UK workshop, from real wood, our cisterns are available with straight or tapered edges and lids.

Ask about bespoke: We can create variations of our wooden cistern to meet your particular requirements.  Contact us to discuss your plans.


Burlington High Level Chrome Cistern Cut Out 03Burlington Chrome High Level Cistern £499

Mirror Mirror on the wall!  This super chrome cistern is a real show stopper.  We offer a hand-picked selection of quality Burlington bathroom pieces, each one  lovingly crafted and hand finished using the finest materials and manufacturing processes.



imageIf you have a grand design for your bathroom or WC, talk to us. As well as our existing wide range of products, we can create everything you need for your perfect bathroom. Simply order online or talk to our toilet imagineers about your ideas:  call us on 01362 684102 or email


Royal flush … how we helped create a regal cloakroom

When it came to giving their cloakroom an uplift, a family in Marlborough, UK, had a very grand design. Having just moved into a Georgian former rectory, they wanted a scheme that stood up to the grand proportions of their Grade II listed home. However, with four school-age children, and this being the main ground floor cloakroom, it needed to be both practical and easy to maintain.

SimpsonsThroneToilet02.jpgThe family first made contact with us to enquire about the TRTC Throne Toilet. They’d fallen in love with the idea of creating a regal atmosphere for their ‘smallest room’ and felt that this would be the perfect centrepiece.

Our Throne Toilet is available in a variety of finishes including Oak and Mahogany.  Or we paint it in a Farrow and Ball colour of the client’s choice. In this case it was felt that the warm tones of Oak would help to create an authentic scheme.

Once the toilet had been chosen, the client asked us to help to source some key bathroom interior elements to bring their ideas to life. They wanted to create a true regal experience, while maintaining the understated elegance of their Georgian home.

The cistern – a glance at the photo and it’s easy to miss a vital element of any traditional toilet scheme – the cistern. To ensure that the Throne remained the centre feature, the plumber cleverly suggested concealing a high level cistern into a false ceiling, with the pull chain descending from above. This neat solution is a real space saver and would work well in any space where there is sufficient ceiling height above.

A graceful pull – It is always the details that create the finishing touches in any scheme. To complete the installation, we supplied the TRTC Grace Brass Toilet Pull, which we had cast from an original and finished by hand at a small UK foundry.


Wall covering – To source a wall covering befitting of such a splendid space we turned to Timorous Beasties and their wonderful library of vintage-inspired prints with a modern twist. The Napoleon Bee Wallpaper was the obvious choice and adds a hint of French elegance.



Finishing touches – For final details, we supplied a free-standing toilet roll holder which matches the Throne for grandeur. Intricate detailing, coupled with elegant scrolls in wrought iron, added another dimension to the space.  The family chose a Burlington-style ornate basin and opted for a fabulous chequerboard flooring.




We feel that this room is a proper tour de force in cloakroom design. A grander small washroom would be hard to find.


If you have a grand design for your bathroom or WC, talk to us. As well as our existing wide range of products, we can create everything you need for your perfect bathroom. Simply order online or talk to our toilet imagineers about your ideas:  call us on 01362 684102 or email

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