How to choose a traditional toilet

If you’ve decided it’s time to choose a new traditional toilet, you’re reading the right blog! Timeless toilets – with a twist – are something we specialise in. But don’t expect our classic designs to be bland or boring. The Remarkable Toilet Company prides itself on embracing the quality and attention to detail of the Victorian and Edwardian eras. However, it combines these qualities with modern UK craftsmanship and technologies, to create a unique and diverse portfolio. Read on to discover how our general manager Mark’s vision is transforming the traditional toilet market.

Traditional bathroom with vanity unit

What is a traditional toilet?

It’s thought that the flush toilet was invented in 1596, although it didn’t become commonplace until much later, around 1851. It’s still unclear who actually invented the first flush toilet. Thomas Crapper often gets the credit, and it’s true that he patented a number of toilet-related inventions. George Jennings, Thomas Twyford and Henry Doulton were also well-known toilet trailblazers.

But when we talk of traditional toilets today, we’re thinking of a fairly particular style of lavatory. This usually includes classic detailing and a ceramic handle flush. Wooden seats add to the authentic look and feel, and certainly complement a vintage design scheme.

Traditional bathroom with freestanding bath

Before choosing your new traditional toilet, you’ll need to consider your budget, the space available, and how it will complement your other bathroom sanitaryware

Which style of traditional toilet is best?

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing your new traditional toilet. Your budget is perhaps the most obvious one. Space and personal style are important, too. Consider how much of a statement you want to make with your toilet. Do you want it to be the centrepiece of your bathroom? Or should it blend into the background, leaving the bath or shower to be the star?

You should also take certain practicalities into account. Think about the shape and the height of the toilet you’re purchasing. Do they deliver the right comfort level and access? A higher seat might suit older or less mobile members of your household. Conversely, a lower toilet might be a better option for families with small children.

The amount of space around your chosen toilet is also important. Make sure there’s enough elbow/knee room, and plenty of space for cleaning, too.

High level traditional toilets

If your bathroom is big enough, I think that high level traditional toilets are hard to beat. They add instant impact and elegance, and make a fabulous style statement. As the name suggests, a high level toilet features a cistern that’s high above the pan. This is connected to the rest of the toilet via an exposed flush pipe. In the past, this high level cistern was purely functional. It enabled pressure for the flush to be created by water falling down the flush pipe. Nowadays, this style is primarily aesthetic (although gravity does tend to provide a stronger flush with less water!). High level toilets work best in a large bathroom with a high ceiling. They add a regal touch to elevate any traditional setting. Ornate brackets and a fancy pull chain add to the overall effect.

Our floral toilet pan is a truly faithful reproduction of a Victorian decorative porcelain toilet. Pair with a matching floral cistern for a blooming beautiful traditional lavatory

Low level traditional toilets

If you like the style of a high level toilet, but don’t have the space to accommodate one, a low level toilet is ideal. They deliver a similar look, but without the complexities of installing a high cistern and long flush pipe. Low level traditional toilets are ideal for smaller bathrooms, cloakrooms and even en-suites.

A low level toilet has a lever flush handle, rather than the more imposing pull chain of its high level counterpart. But this style can still be impressive and imposing, if you add interest with striking colours or patterns.

Victorian-style traditional toilet

Our Victorian floral multi-coloured low level toilet will add impact to any traditional or vintage bathroom interior. Tap into this season’s trend for darker colours with a black cistern and matching seat

Close coupled traditional toilets

Close coupled toilets are perhaps the most common type of lavatory. They are available in a range of traditional styles and shapes. This type of toilet basically consists of two separate pieces. Rather than being separated by a pipe, the cistern sits directly on top of the pan. You can flush this type of toilet via a button or a lever.

Just like low level toilets, close coupled models also work well within smaller bathrooms or cloakrooms. The concealed pipework makes them more compact and easier to clean. This type of traditional toilet is also relatively easy to match with baths and basins.

Lyonnaise close coupled traditional toilet design

Traditional close coupled toilets don’t have to be dull. Our Lyonnaise model was inspired by the grand chateaux of France, and is available in a number of metallic finishes including bronze, copper and gold

Statement traditional toilets

If you’re keen to make a serious style statement with your traditional toilet, look no further than our hand-crafted wooden Thunderbox. Available in either mahogany or oak, it includes a matching high level wooden cistern with lid, and chrome flush pipe kit. We can even make a bespoke version to meet your particular requirements. Simply give us a call and we’ll take it from there.

Thunderbox toilet with matching high level cistern

Wonderful wood: our hand-crafted Thunderbox is proof that traditional toilets don’t have to be dull or dreary

You can give traditional toilets a designer twist with different finishes. Metallic tones instantly elevate a classic design, and add a touch of grandeur. I think our stunning Metropolis Bronze Toilet is perfect for any period setting. If you’re mad about metallics, but not big on bronze, it’s also available in graphite and chrome.

Metropolis bronze traditional toilet design

Give your traditional high level toilet a modern designer twist with this beautiful bronze finish. Our Metropolis model is also available in graphite and chrome

If you’d like some expert advice on which type of traditional toilet to choose, we’d be delighted to advise. Just call 01362 684102 or email

Luxury bathrooms

There is no denying that modern life can be extremely stressful. After all, most of us live busy lives that never quite seem to feature sufficient time to accommodate all of our needs. In fact, we juggle work, play, family and friends, while glued to screens and myriad social media feeds. So what’s the antidote to this fast-paced frenzy? A luxury bathroom. Well, think about it: we all need to spend time in the bathroom. So, why not make that experience as enjoyable as possible? Picture a sumptuous space where you can escape from reality, relax and recharge. After all, interiors today combine function and form, so your bathroom should be no exception. In fact, our director Kelly is always on the lookout for luxury bathroom inspiration. Read on to discover the work of some of her favourite designers. Kelly also showcases how to add an element of luxury to your bathroom with a selection of our own statement sanitaryware:

a luxury bathroom showcasing Shenzhen Paris by Kelly Hoppen

British designer Kelly Hoppen chose marble with touches of brass and gold for the Paris apartment at One Shenzhen Bay

Make it marble

Luxury bathrooms require luxury materials. There is just no substitute for natural finishes such as marble, solid wood and stone. In fact, white and gold is a timeless combination that always looks sophisticated. But don’t just restrict this to your bath and sink. Why not extend this colour scheme to your walls and/or floor with large statement tiles? Match your tiles for a seamless, yet striking, look that oozes luxury. Also choose floor-to-ceiling marble for ultimate opulence.

Now, if you’re keen to create a luxury spa-style retreat, use natural materials to set the stage. In addition, if space allows, why not site your bath atop some marble steps? Nothing says luxury quite like a stand-alone bathing area. I think black and white is another timeless combination. In fact, it works especially well when incorporated into a feature wall. Quartz and back-lit onyx add drama and interest to elevate monochrome to another level of luxe.

Global interior architecture and design house Lawson Robb combines neutral tones with full surfaces in natural stone to create an iconic luxury bathroom at Emirates Hills Dubai.

The beauty of bronze

Metallics are an enduring trend within interiors in general, with polished chrome a popular choice for bathrooms. But, if you’re looking for luxury with a difference, be bold with bronze.

Handmade by professional craftsmen, our Lyonnaise Bath makes the perfect bespoke luxury bathroom centrepiece. Inspired by the grand chateaux of France, it is the epitome of glamour, and available in a number of metallic finishes including bronze, copper and gold. You can even select your own hard-carved ornamentation to create a completely unique piece!

The Remarkable Toilet Company Lyonnaise bath

Our eye-catching Lyonnaise Bath makes the perfect bespoke centrepiece for any luxury bathroom. It is available in a number of metallic finishes, including bronze, copper and gold

I think the best luxury bathrooms always include something that’s different or unique. So, I absolutely love the bronze floating wall created by interior design studio Taylor Howes for St Saviours House in Knightsbridge. This award-winning church conversion makes full use of the property’s original vaulted ceilings and original beam. In addition, the bronze wall is decorated with cherry blossoms, and creates a fabulous focal point behind the soaking tub. Beautiful!

St Saviours master luxury bathroom Taylor Howes

A bronze floating wall decorated with cherry blossoms creates a stunning focal point in this master bathroom. Pic credit: Taylor Howes

The wow factor of wood

If you’re not a fan of metallics – and white is just too predictable – why not explore the wonder of wood? I think a wooden bathtub could add a whole new level of luxury to your bathroom – and it’s bang on trend too!

Our Wood Panelled Bath with Steps was inspired by the hand-crafted sanitaryware items of the Victorian era. In fact, each one is created by professional UK craftsmen using the finest quality wood. This beautiful bath is available in mahogany, walnut or oak – and all from sustainable sources.

TRTC Wood Panelled Bath with Steps

Our Wood Panelled Bath with steps is the perfect choice if you’re a fan of organic materials and want to add a touch of luxury to your period bathroom

Pamper your posterior

For many people, the toilet is an afterthought where luxury bathroom ideas are concerned. It is, after all, first and foremost a functional item. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be sophisticated and luxurious too.

So, if you’re open to the idea of a statement toilet, look no further than our Lyonnaise Close Coupled Toilet, with matching bidet. After all, this luxury model is a work of art that truly reflects your individuality. Hand crafted, with a choice of hand-carved ornamentation, this toilet reflects our mission to “make the small room look the grandest”. It is available in a selection of metallic finishes including bronze, copper and gold.

Because luxury bathrooms deserve a luxury toilet too…Our Lyonnaise Close Coupled Toilet even has a matching bidet, to truly pamper your posterior!

Bling up your basin

If your idea of luxury involves gold and glamour, take a look at the Eden collection from Maison Valentina. They specialise in high-end fittings that combine rare handwork techniques and contemporary design.

The Eden free-standing basin was inspired by the shape of a tree stump. Its textured surface aims to evoke the idea of growth rings, for the ultimate statement basin. The Eden collection also includes a towel rack inspired by the biblical tree of knowledge. If your budget allows, install two basins side-by-side, for an upscale ‘his and hers’ alternative. Site against a black wall, beneath a statement mirror, to create the ultimate extravagant bathroom setting.

Eden free-standing-washbasin and Eden towel rail by Maison Valentina luxury bathrooms

Maison Valentina’s Eden free-standing collection takes organic shapes to a new level of luxury – perfect for fans of high-end gold bathroom fitting

Back to black

Not all luxury bathrooms have to be big, bold and gold. In fact, small spaces can look just as upscale if you get the colour scheme and accessories right. For me, calming pastel shades are great for providing minimal luxury chic. You can always add interest with matt black fixtures, such as taps and shower heads. Black bathrooms are definitely having a moment, too. But, if you’re not sure whether to take the plunge, trial the trend first as an accent colour. I suggest you choose black accessories to add dramatic glamour to a neutral bathroom, creating a classy yet contemporary décor.

Luxury bathroom by Crosby Studios

Crosby Studios adds interest and edge to a pastel colour scheme with luxury matt black fittings and accessories in this chic Parisian apartment

If you’re planning to upgrade your bathroom this year, but need more expert advice on how to create a luxury look, we’re here to help. We can advise on all aspects of bathroom design, and even create bespoke items to suit your individual space and style. Call 01948 820300 or email

Bathroom trends 2020

January is traditionally a time for new beginnings. A new year brings plenty of opportunities to take stock, reflect – and then look forward. It’s all about discarding what doesn’t work, and experimenting to find alternatives that do. Of course, that doesn’t just apply to us and our personal objectives! Now is a great time to lavish some TLC on your home, especially your bathroom. Long, dark winter days are perfect for planning your next interiors adventure. And there are heaps of exciting new bathroom trends on the horizon for 2020. So if your bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite is in need of some redecoration, read on. Our director Kelly has put together an invaluable round-up of all the latest and greatest trends this year. Pull up a chair, pop on the kettle and prepare to be seriously inspired!

The gold standard

Gold is set to be one of the biggest interiors trends for bathrooms this year. Whether you’re an aficionado of subtle accents or striking centrepieces, gold is the way to go in 2020. As big fans of all things gilded, we’ve been ahead of this particular curve for some time. Our Metropolis Gold Toilet was even featured in last October’s issue of The World of Interiors! Hand-finished in the UK, this high level WC system is also available in a chrome, graphite or bronze finish.

If you’re keen to trial the trend before committing to gold sanitaryware, start small. Introduce gold taps, or perhaps a gold light fixture. Then layer on other gold accessories, such as a soap dish, candle or mirror.

Tap into the trend for all things gold with our Metropolis High Level toilet system, as seen in The World of Interiors

Bathroom trends 2020 Metropolis toilet in The World of Interiors

Botanical bathrooms

Botanical bathrooms are another big trend for 2020. In simple terms, a botanical bathroom is one that’s inspired by nature. As you’d expect, plants feature heavily, as do almost all shades of green. Many people would never think of including real greenery in their bathroom, but there are heaps of benefits. Aesthetically speaking, lots of plants look amazing. Mix and match different types for maximum impact. Combining free-standing and hanging plants is another clever tactic.

But aside from just looking good, plants in your bathroom serve a functional purpose too. Did you know that they actually improve air quality, by minimising humidity and purifying the atmosphere? Certain house plants have been proven to remove pollutants such as ammonia and toluene from indoor air. Choose varieties such as ferns, Mother-in-Law’s tongue, English Ivy and Peace Lilies. The latter isn’t just a natural air filter – it also increases oxygen levels.

Mix and match different types of plants and ferns for an instant botanical bathroom (Pic: courtesy of

Dobbies bathroom botanical bathroom trends

Biophilic design

In a similar vein, biophilic design is another big bathroom trend to look out for this year. It might sound complex, but basically, biophilic design aims to incorporate nature within interiors, and increase connectively to the natural environment. Using natural materials such as wood, stone, granite and marble is one way to do this. Our Wooden Throne Toilet, with matching high level cistern, embraces many biophilic design principles. Handmade by professional craftsmen, it’s available in either mahogany or oak. We think it’s the ultimate organic bathroom centrepiece!

Our Wooden Throne Toilet combines biophilic design with a bathroom that’s fit for a queen

Biophilic design wooden throne toilet

Luxury lighting

Your bathroom lighting should never be an afterthought. Very often it’s the last element people consider, when really, it should be one of the first. If your lighting is lacking, now is the time to take action. 2020 is all about luxury lighting, and bathrooms are no exception.

Chandeliers are the go-to option when opulence is the objective. is brilliant for browsing if you’re stuck for ideas. If space permits, orb chandeliers are the perfect way to make a serious statement with your lighting. Crystal is another short-cut to a luxe look, as is fluted glass or a stylish sconce. Drum pendants and oversized floor lamps also work well.

Luxury lighting is a key bathroom trend for 2020. We love this modern take on the classic chandelier style

Decoist bathroom lighting trends with chandelier

Back to black

Deliciously dark, moody bathrooms will be de rigueur this year. Edgy anthracite, inky blues and even pitch black are the shades to watch out for in 2020. Dark bathrooms can be cosy, relaxing, dramatic, mysterious or soothing – it all depends on how you style them.

If you’re happy to splash out on new sanitaryware, embrace the darkness with our Satin Black Close Coupled toilet. If that level of dark feels a little too daring, keep your fixtures and fittings white and try grey or black tiles instead. Browse Topps Tiles for inspiration. Match your walls to your floor for maximum impact. A dark feature wall works well in smaller spaces.

Black beauties: Wall and floor tiles are a great way to embrace this year’s dark bathrooms trend

Topps Tiles dark bathroom trends 2020

Monochrome moods

If an all-black bathroom isn’t quite your bag, how about black and white? This classic combination is set for another lease of life in 2020. Pure white tiles provide a fabulous neutral background for the rest of your bathroom. Add some drama to your décor with our Satin Black High Level Toilet, and/or our black aluminium washstand.

These Porcelain Superstore Linea white tiles are bang on-trend for 2020. Contrast with black fixtures and fittings for a matchless monochrome look

Porcelain Superstore Linea White tiles for bathroom trends 2020

Spa bathrooms

The spa bathroom trend isn’t exactly new, but it’s set to strengthen this year as the demand for indulgence/wellness grows. One of the easiest ways to achieve a spa-like ambience is with a deep, statement bath. If space allows, go big with a double-ended model, such as our Cast Iron Bateau Bath, for guaranteed bathing bliss. If your budget won’t stretch that far, invest in some spa-style accessories instead. Think white fluffy towels, scented candles, and a decadent bath oil!

The demand for spa-style bathrooms shows no sign of abating in 2020, as the values of self-care and wellness gain more recognition.

If you’re thinking of revamping your bathroom in 2020, but still don’t quite know where to start, please get in touch, and we’ll be delighted to guide and advise. Simply call 01362 684102 or email

The appeal of animal print bathrooms

If you’re raring to give your bathroom a revamp, it might be time for some animal magic. This season’s interiors are all about the animal print – a trend that’s perfect for bringing some personality to your bathroom. Zebra, tiger, leopard and snake have long been the go-to prints of choice within the world of fashion. But they work equally well in the home too. We have always been advocates of bold bathroom choices. Animal prints are a fast, easy way to add instant glamour and interest. So banish the bland and get set to experiment with colour, pattern and texture instead. Our director Kelly has done all the hard work for you:

Animal print wallpaper sourced from Pinterest

Pic credit: Animal print wallpaper sourced from Pinterest

A striking centrepiece

If you’re already partial to print, make a statement with your toilet. Our new Tiger Skin Back to Wall Toilet Pan is the ultimate centrepiece for any modern bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite. I firmly believe that sanitaryware doesn’t have to be safe and predictable. Embrace the exotic instead!

This tiger skin model would work brilliantly with a dark, neutral floor and walls. If you’re feeling brave, you could team it with a colourful statement wall, or complement it with other tiger print accessories.

Add some animal magic to your bathroom with our new Tiger Skin Back To Wall Toilet Pan

Add some animal magic to your bathroom with our new Tiger Skin Close Coupled Toilet

Tap the trend with tiles

If you’re not quite courageous enough for tiger print toilets, try some tiger print tiles instead. Tiles are a practical (but still fun and decorative) way to introduce animal prints to your bathroom. Large tiles on every wall work surprisingly well in small spaces, such as a cloakroom or guest en-suite. In a larger bathroom, why not combine a print pattern with plain white? Alternatively, you could highlight key features – the basin or shower area, for example – with versatile mosaic print tiles.

Let your walls work the animal print trend with some statement tiger-themed tiles in this room sourced from Pinterest

Open-plan living

With open-plan living on the rise, many of us are lucky enough to enjoy a combined bathroom/bedroom living space. An accent sofa or armchair, in your favourite animal print, is a fabulous way to link these two areas.

If you’re wary of too many brights, use a black-and-white print to work some monochrome magic, as seen here at Suffolk’s Milsoms Kesgrave Hall. I think this zebra print sofa gives a classy twist to this classic hotel décor.

Room with a view…of a gorgeous animal print sofa – a great way to link a combined bathroom/bedroom living space

Pearl’s world

Where animal prints and bathrooms are concerned, the only limit is your imagination. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colours, patterns and textures. Think cool and quirky , not cookie-cutter matchy-matchy.

Party-girl-turned-interior-designer Pearl Lowe is a true trailblazer of the eclectic and unique. Her 11-bedroom Georgian house in Somerset is a stunning showcase of her inimitable style. And of course, there’s a bathroom with animal print!

As Pearl ably demonstrates, if space allows, an animal print chair is the perfect way to freshen up your décor. We love how Pearl isn’t afraid to clash prints, with Farrow & Ball’s striking Lotus wallpaper, plus a colourful rug.

A statement animal print chair is a great way to add some edge to a classic bathroom design. Pic: Simon Brown

 A statement animal print chair is a great way 
to add some edge to a classic bathroom design

Octopus options

If you’re reluctant to plunge into a full bathroom re-design (or funds simply won’t allow), do not despair. Wall art is the answer. It’s a great way to experiment with the animal print trend, without over-committing time and funds.

We are big fans of these octopus prints, from They are available in different sizes, and can be framed and mounted in different coloured frames. The indigo blue and cream tones would suit both classical and contemporary bathrooms. And the octopus motif is ideal for an aquatic environment!

If you’re not a lover of leopard print, there are lots of other animal options. What do you think of these adorable octopuses?

All about the accessories

Another way to experiment with animal print is with accessories. I understand that not everyone may be ready to take the plunge with a tiger print toilet. An animal print towel, however, can still be impactful. Start with small steps and who knows where they may lead!

I just love the warm, golden tones of this leopard print bath towel from H&M. In soft velour, with a print motif on the front and a terry back, it epitomises affordable glamour. Snap them up fast before they sell out!

Calling all leopard print lovers! Add some affordable glamour to our bathroom with these soft velour towels from H&M

Graham and Green is another fabulous source of animal print accessories, for just about every room of the home. We were very taken by this Zebra Bath Mat – a functional yet stylish addition to any bathroom. The subtle print would work well with a variety of colour schemes, including black, white, blue and grey. It’s made of the softest cotton, and has a sensible non-slip base.

Step in and out of your bath in comfort and style with this on-trend Zebra Bath Mat from Graham and Green

Step in and out of your bath in comfort and style
with this on-trend Zebra animal print Bath Mat from Graham and Green

If you need more expert advice about how best to go wild with animal print, we’re here to help. Remember, in addition to our existing ranges, we can create bespoke items to help you experience the bathroom of your dreams. So whether you have an unusual colour scheme in mind, or an awkward space to accommodate, please get in touch. Simply call 01362 684102 or email

How to create a spa bathroom

Who doesn’t love the idea of your own personal spa? Most of us don’t have the budget – or the time – for weekly spa visits. But it’s never been easier to create a spa bathroom in your own home. A spa/hotel bathroom is usually everything we’d like our own to be: spacious, stylish, indulgent and luxurious. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to recreate that vibe in the comfort of your own home. If you have cash to splash, think statement pieces, fine fittings and quality tiles. If you’re counting the pennies, don’t despair. Our Director Kelly, shows you how to get creative with colour, accessories and toiletries to evoke a spa-style bathroom that won’t break the bank.

Our cast iron, double ended bateau bath is the ideal statement centrepiece for any spa-style bathroom

Bathing bliss

A deep, statement, freestanding bath is the ideal centrepiece for any would-be spa bathroom. There’s nothing quite like sinking into a deep, cocooning tub to relax and recharge after a busy day. When choosing a bath for a spa-style bathroom, I suggest you invest in the best you can afford. Properties such as a smooth finish and solid casting are worth every penny. And if you have the space to accommodate one, a bateau or slipper bath always catches the eye – especially when centrally sited. A double-ended bath allows you to bathe à deux. Or you could make the most of your bigger bath to enjoy a languorous, spa-style soak. Just don’t forget the (well-stocked) bath tray!

Tap into the trend for spa bathrooms – literally – with our Arcade single level floor mounted filler, in a classy chrome finish

Adding the right accessories

I believe luxury fittings are another way to tap into the spa bathrooms trend. For a timeless feel, choose chrome. Chrome fittings are classy, yet understated, and complement both traditional and contemporary design schemes. We think a floor-mounted filler tap is the perfect complement to any statement spa-style bath.

Introduce some old-school glamour to your spa bathroom with our retro Burlington Classic Washstand with polished aluminium stand

Go bold with your basin

If you’re aiming to create a spa bathroom, your sink needs to be a bit special. Your hand basin is likely to be a ‘high-traffic’ area, but there’s no reason why it can’t be both functional and fabulous. I think there are many ways to go bold with your basin. Choose an opulent material, such as marble. Adorn your wash area with high-end soap, a floral arrangement, and a seriously stylish mirror. Alternatively, channel the yesteryear mansion of your dreams, and choose a washstand straight out of an old-school, old-money spa.

We can design and create a satin black toilet, bath and matching basin
to suit a spa-style bathroom

Bathroom heaven

There’s no doubt that the spa look is all about creating an inviting room with more neutral tones. Think stone textures from pebbles underfoot to large format tiles in limestone. You can then add more dramatic impact to a wet-room style bathroom with a matt black basin or toilet. Of course, this kind of design is ultra-modern. However, it will still help to create a sense of peace and luxury, which will make your bathroom feel more heavenly in an instant.

The addition of plants in your bathroom will add an organic touch.

Greenery goals

I must admit I love botanicals in the bathroom. Adding plants will instantly create more colour in a neutral bathroom. After all, you just can’t beat an element of greenery in this room. Hanging planters can help to set the scene and will free up more floor space in a smaller bathroom. This look is not only on-trend but plants will help to bring more oxygen into the room, too. You’ll also feel that this room looks more lived-in for cosy appeal.

Pristine white bath sheets make a fabulous addition to a spa-style bathroom

Handy essentials

Make sure you’ve got some soft towels to hand – in fact, the fluffier these are, the better. I suggest white towels in the first instance too just as you’d find in a luxury spa. Bath sheets make a great investment especially as the weather’s turning cooler so you can literally wrap one around you fully as step out of the bath.

Indulge in some scented candles to make the ambience complete

Setting the scene

Having a dimmer switch in your bathroom will instantly help you to lower the brightness in this room when you want to relax and unwind in the bath. However, scented candles can help to take your relaxation one stage further. I tend to light more than one candle in the same scent to create a truly relaxing space to unwind in. However, don’t ever leave a candle alight if you plan on leaving the room while the bath is filling up with water.

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If you need some expert advice on how to make a small bathroom look bigger, we’re here to help. In addition to our existing ranges, we can create bespoke items to suit your individual space requirements. Call 01362 684102 or email

Beautiful bathroom colour schemes

Choosing the right colour scheme for your bathroom may seem like a daunting task. So, our Director Kelly has come up with a whole host of expert advice to help you:

Kelly, Director of The Remarkable Toilet Company

bathroom colour schemes with Kelly co-founder of The Remarkable Toilet Company

Redecorating a bathroom takes time and money, so most people want a look that will stand the test of time. That said, an on-trend décor is also desirable – so where to begin? A lot will depend on your personal taste, of course. But there are other practicalities to consider too. Are you lucky enough to be starting from scratch? Or must you take into consideration existing features, such as tiles and/or flooring? Don’t forget to assess the size and shape of your space. Lastly, think hard about how much natural light the room enjoys, and how this will affect your chosen colour palette.

How you implement your bathroom colour scheme is just as important as the colours themselves. How will you incorporate the different elements? Where do you want the eye to be drawn? A useful rule of thumb is the 60:30:10 guideline. This suggests that a room should feature 60% dominant colour, 30% secondary colour, and 10% accent colour. It’s a helpful recommendation, but don’t be afraid to bend or even break the rule if you find it too prescriptive.

At The Remarkable Toilet Company, we love colour, and believe in bespoke. That’s why we supply customised coloured sanitaryware to help you create the bathroom of your dreams. So if you have a shade in mind, for a toilet or basin, we can colour match almost anything. So unleash your inner creative – and let your imagination run wild!

Be bold with gold

An example of gold for one of the latest luxury bathroom colour schemes

If you’re looking for bathroom colour schemes that are all about opulence, go for gold. Nothing says luxury like a touch of gilt. If you’re looking to make a serious style statement, don’t limit the shade to your accessories. Be bold with gold sanitaryware too.

Bring a touch of golden glamour to your bathroom with our Metropolis gold toilet as featured in The World Of Interiors

Our Metropolis Gold Toilet will add instant glamour to any bathroom. It’s glitzy, it’s glossy and unapologetically showy – we love it, of course! If you’re a fan of high level traditional toilet cisterns, this could be perfect.

The magic of monochrome

monochome bathroom example

If you prefer living life in black and white, monochrome bathroom colour schemes can be equally impactful. Tiles are a great way to add interest to a black and white bathroom. Black tiles with white grout (or even vice versa) really make a wall stand out. Patterned floor tiles are another option worth exploring if you don’t want your décor to be too moody. We’re big fans of Fired Earth’s Abbey Woburn tiles. Inspired by the decorated floors made popular in the Victorian era, they are a great low-maintenance alternative to Encaustic floor tiles.

Indulge your dark side with our gorgeous satin black close-coupled toilet

bathroom colour schemes satin black close coupled toilet from The Remarkable Toilet Company

Pair them with our Satin Black Close Coupled Toilet, for a deliciously dark bathroom colour scheme. Then why not complement it with our Burlington Carrera Marble Top and Basin with Black Aluminium Washstand?

Pretty in pink

Annabel’s Members Club – the pink powder room

Bathroom colour schemes Annabel's in Mayfair

Pretty pastels are perennially popular bathroom colour ideas – and pink often leads the pack. It’s an easy, undemanding shade to incorporate. But pink can still be powerful. If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than the iconic Annabel’s members club. We designed the bespoke pink toilets for the gorgeous powder room there.

Our pink Round Countertop Basin is sheer pastel perfection and would work wonderfully in this bathroom. Pic credit: Apartment Showcase

Both bright and blush pink work well as a dominant or accent colour. Pink paint and accessories are prevalent, but pink also works well in sanitaryware. Our Round Countertop Basin is available in a wide selection of shades, including pastel pink. It’s handcrafted, glazed and fired in the UK.

Going green

Green Art Deco bathroom. Pic credit Pinterest @homeexpert92

Green is often overlooked for bathroom colour schemes, but it can be glorious. Lighter shades work well with white sanitaryware. Pale green also contrasts well with darker shades such as black and brown. Darker, earthy tones create an effortless organic feel, which works well within traditional bathroom designs. This is also an effective way to soften busy patterns.

What do you think of our mint green Art Deco Close Coupled Toilet?

Bathroom colour schemes

Why not introduce some Art Deco style to your bathroom, with this mint green Close Coupled Toilet? There’s even a matching basin available!

Bathroom blues

These deep blue metro tiles from Topps Tiles are perfect for a modern statement wall

Bathroom colour schemes Topps Tiles in blue

Where bathroom colour schemes are concerned, it’s hardly surprising that blue is a classic choice. A shade that evokes both sky and water, it’s a calming and relaxing hue. Blue works well as both a dominant and accent colour. Lighter shades are airy, and ideal for smaller spaces. Dark blue conjures up a stronger vibe, and is perfect for a statement wall.

We can colour match your bath to virtually any and every shade of blue and in fact any colour

If you love a bold blue, why not choose this colour for your bath? Our Cast Iron Dual Ended Bath works well in both modern and traditional settings. And it can be colour matched to any shade you like. So if you’re obsessed with aquamarine or nuts about navy, we can oblige!

The go-to of grey

Grey works especially well as a contemporary accent colour

bathroom colour schemes grey

Grey has been the go-to shade for interiors for a number of years, for kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. It’s easy to understand why. It’s a versatile neutral that doesn’t easily date. Grey combines well with yellow, coral, pink, navy, teal and green. It’s a popular alternative to plain white. Paler shades work well as a contemporary accent colour, without overwhelming a smaller space. Darker shades add a touch of luxury, and complement metallics perfectly.

Our Metropolis Graphite Toilet is a great way to embrace going grey

bathroom colour schemes graphite grey

Graphite is great choice for a statement toilet. If you’re worried about your bathroom looking gloomy, introduce subtle touches of grey via candles, towels and other accessories.

The Remarkable Toilet Company

If you need expert advice on bathroom colour schemes, we’re here to help. In addition to our existing ranges, we can create bespoke items to suit your individual shade requirements. Call 01362 684102 or email

How to make a small bathroom look bigger

Most of us would love to have a bigger bathroom. As modern living has evolved, space has become the ultimate luxury. Bathrooms, alas, are rarely the size we’d like them to be. We can all dream of a room big enough to accommodate a freestanding bath, walk-in shower and Jack and Jill basins. Not forgetting lots of storage, of course! The reality, however, is often the opposite. But don’t despair if extending your bathroom is out of the question. We can’t promise to triple the appearance of your square footage overnight. But if your mission is to learn how to make a small bathroom look bigger, help is at hand. There are plenty of clever tips and tricks that give the illusion of space. So read on to discover our General Manager Mark Guest’s strategies to make your bathroom look bigger:

Get clever with your colour scheme

If you’re wondering how to make a small bathroom look bigger, first and foremost, I suggest you get crafty with colour. Think light and bright. Dark colours really can make a room seem smaller, as they absorb – rather than reflect – the available light. You could try white, cream or beige instead. However, if, like me, you really can’t face an all-white palette, pastels make a suitable alternative. You can always add a pop of colour with your sanitaryware, towels and other accessories. But keep your walls, floor and ceiling pale and interesting to enhance the illusion of space. I think selecting one single colour for the whole room is a canny trick that creates a seamless, airy look.

Tiling tricks

I find a great way to unify your décor is to “blend” the floor and walls with the same tiles from floor to ceiling. After all, this is a tried and tested way to help your bathroom look bigger. You can always add interest with a feature wall, if you’re so inclined. Just remember fussy patterns with lots of detail can easily overwhelm a small space. So choose plain or pared back tiles instead. Another insider tip? Larger tiles, with fewer grouting lines, will work better than small tiles if your bathroom is bijou – especially on the floor.

Introduce the same floor and wall tiles to your bathroom to create an illusion that this space is larger. Credit:

How to make your small bathroom look bigger with the same floor and wall tiles

Let in the light

It might seem obvious if you’re thinking of how to make a small bathroom look bigger, but let in the light. I realise that knocking down walls isn’t always possible – but adding a high-level window might be a viable option. If you already have a window, don’t cover it up too much! Sheer window treatments will maximise what natural light you have. If privacy is an issue, frosted glass is a great solution.

Another way to expand the look of your bathroom is to replace your fabric shower curtain with a glass door or panel. I think frameless shower doors, especially, are a great way to make a small area feel bigger.

This compact bathroom features a high level window to let more light flood in

How to make your small bathroom look bigger with a high level window

Work miracles with mirrors

If you’re wondering how to make a small bathroom look bigger, make friends with mirrors. Thanks to their light-reflecting properties, mirrors can easily make a room feel twice as big. I suggest you go large with a style that reaches the ceiling, or consider a collection of different sizes clustered together. A mirror with integrated lighting (or even lights that hang in front of it) will intensify the impact. If you’re super short on space, a mirrored cabinet will reflect the available light and offer useful storage, too.

This Cutright Bathroom Mirror from Wayfair features a super-slim construction that’s ideal for tight spaces

How to make a small bathroom look bigger with a mirror

Make the most of metallics

Another way to reflect light – and make a small bathroom look bigger – is to incorporate metallics. It’s an enduring trend within interiors in general. It’s also a great way to add interest to an understated bathroom design. Polished chrome is a fabulous choice to complement an all-white décor. Mixed metallics are still popular, so if chrome doesn’t appeal, why not experiment with copper, brass, gold or silver?

What do you think of the of our beautiful Art Deco inspired cistern?

How to make a small bathroom look larger with metallic accents

Be sensible with your sanitaryware

If you have the budget for a full bathroom revamp, select the best sanitaryware and furniture for the space available. Small bathroom layouts certainly pose their own challenges. But if you want to know how to make a small bathroom look bigger, follow these ideas for workarounds.

If your bathroom is super small, rethink what it needs to contain. Would a wet room concept work? Removing a bath (as opposed to squeezing in a small one) creates lots of space. And a shower with no screen or tray can also really open up your room. However, if you can’t cope without a tub, a combination shower bath could be a practical space-saver.

Another option is to focus on just one statement piece for your bathroom. If your heart is set on a freestanding tub, but space is tight, why not have a bespoke bath made instead? This way, you can customise the size to fit your exact specifications – and personal taste.

Handmade by professional craftsmen, our Lyonnaise bath is the perfect bespoke bathroom centrepiece

How to make your small bathroom look bigger with a bespoke bath

And so to basins. Slimline basins can be a real boon if your bathroom is on the small side. More commonly used in cloakrooms and en-suites, I believe their short projections work equally well in bijou bathrooms.

Many people are tempted to install vanity units in small bathrooms. However, they can be bulky and make your bathroom feel more cramped. It might seem counter-intuitive, but a basin stand or pedestal basin can make your space feel much more open and less cluttered.

Our Arcade basin, complete with chrome or nickel stand, is the ideal alternative to a bulky vanity

How to make small bathrooms look bigger with the Remarkable Toilet Company's Arcade washstand-900m basin with overflow

Be exacting with accessories

Too many accessories can overwhelm a small bathroom. Less is definitely more – and always choose quality over quantity. Where possible, to save space, make your accessories multi-task. For example, choose a slimline towel rail that doubles up as a heater or a storage cabinet with mirrors.

To save space in a small bathroom, make your accessories multi-task, like our Burlington Bloomsbury Heated Towel Rail

How to make a small bathroom look bigger with our Burlington Bloomsbury Heated Towel Rail
The Remarkable Toilet Company logo

If you need some expert advice on how to make a small bathroom look bigger, we’re here to help. In addition to our existing ranges, we can create bespoke items to suit your individual space requirements. Call 01362 684102 or email

Bathroom renovation: An Australian adventure

Antipodean couple Janene and Wayne needed some very specific sanitaryware to complete their bathroom renovation. However, our founders, Kelly and Mark at The Remarkable Toilet Company came to their rescue with the perfect piece…a blue and white toilet pan!

Seasoned travellers – and experienced house renovators – Janene and Wayne Beattie aren’t fazed by much. In fact, they initially lived in London and Scotland, before settling back in Melbourne, Australia. So, in house terms, when they want something, they really go for it. After all, they purchased their current property in Australia by phone auction from Hong Kong! However, this wasn’t one of the typical Australian suburban homes on offer, as Janene explains: “We weren’t excited by the architecture of the typical Australian suburban homes. However, on a visit, we spied this property that my father described as ‘very interesting but I don’t know what you’d do with it.’ It was stone and mud brick with a slate roof. It had character and needed renovation so we thought it sounded perfect!”  In fact, the couple has now been living here for 13 years.

The Remarkable Toilet Company toilet pan within a beautiful bathroom design
The couple’s beautiful bathroom on completion

An English country house

Their home is not as old as it first appears and Janene describes the style as that of an ‘English country house’. Apparently, a manor house that featured in Australian Ideal Home magazine in 1949 inspired the original builder. Then he completed the first phase (comprising three buildings) in the 1950s.

The builder dug clay from the actual grounds to make the mud bricks used in the construction of this home. Then the main cottage was built later, using reclaimed bluestone, topped with a Welsh slate roof. In fact, organic materials and reclaimed/recycled pieces have been a key component throughout this renovation project. So, the couple’s home still features reclaimed timbers, beams, windows, doors and flagstones.

Then, in 2009, the couple extended the cottage. Janene’s home still boasts a large 1880s lead light window and a reclaimed cedar staircase and marble fire surround. However, in addition, this home now has a gorgeous, main bathroom.

Carrara marble bath in period bathroom with toilet pan from The Remarkable Toilet Company
Detail shot of the original Carrara marble bath

Bathroom blues

Janene says: “Having completed all the other rooms, the time finally came to tackle the bathroom at the start of this year.” In fact, Janene discovered us at The Remarkable Toilet Company following a desperate search online for a blue and white toilet pan.

The cottage’s original bathroom had three main components that underpinned the décor. These included an old blue and white basin and an old blue and white toilet pan (plus associated seat and cistern).

In line with Janene’s philosophy to reclaim and re-use, she intended to clean up, but retain, the toilet pan and basin. The couple would then simply update the room with a new shower recess, plumbing fixtures and lights. However, that’s when things started to go awry.

Janene explains: “The toilet pan did not appreciate the vibrations from jack hammering the concrete walls and floor in the shower area. So, the existing hairline cracks in the toilet pan glaze gave way and it subsequently started to leak due to these vibrations.”

Then, the search began for a replacement. Janene was committed to keeping the blue and white basin (which survived the jack hammering intact). But it wasn’t easy to source a blue and white toilet pan to match. She says she did discover a similar toilet pan on a UK auction site. But Janene just wasn’t convinced the Victorian piece would enjoy the long journey to Oz. So, she decided instead to order a bespoke blue and white toilet pan from us.

The beautiful toilet pan we designed and created for this period bathroom
Our beautiful blue and white toilet pan in all its glory

The beauty of blue and white

We made Janene’s new toilet pan from one of our existing designs. This way, we could create a piece, to complement the traditional style of the existing furniture and sanitaryware. Then, when it came to shipping the piece, we ensured it was extremely well packaged for international transport. After all, we ship products worldwide on a regular basis, so we’re used to it! So, as a result, this new toilet pan arrived safely and securely via expedited shipment.

Janene adds: “The result was well worth the wait. We are delighted with our blue and white toilet pan from The Remarkable Toilet Company. It’s easy to clean and flushes beautifully! It’s the perfect replacement for the old one and complements our bathroom design so well.”

Burlington toilet roll holder from The Remarkable Toilet Company who created the toilet pan in this bathroom
The couple added one of our Burlington toilet roll holders to their scheme

The new toilet pan has a near-identical profile to the couple’s old Victorian pan, which meant it would fit into the existing plumbing. In fact, it’s even compatible with the old cistern and seat. Janene added one of our new Burlington toilet roll holders, too, to provide the finishing touch!

The Beatties don’t generally begin a renovation project with a strict budget. Instead, they carry out the majority of the work themselves and shop around to source what they need as economically as possible. So, Janene admits that the new toilet pan was an unexpected cost. However, they felt that the extra for their perfect blue and white pan was certainly justified.

Carrrrara marble bath in beautiful bathroom with toilet pan designed by The Remarkable Toilet Company
This Carrera marble bath needed cleaning and sealing

Reclaim, re-use, re-purpose

A stunning Carrera marble boat bath is the third component of the Beatties’ bathroom. This particular model dates back more than 100 years. In fact, Janene believes this tub featured in the property’s original bathroom. Described by Janene as an obvious ‘keep me’, it needed plenty of treatment to remove ingrained dirt then seal the bath. Janene even managed to salvage the existing bath taps with some new washers which she describes as ‘as good as ever’.

The Beatties are justifiably proud of their commitment to reclaim and re-use wherever feasible. After all, their existing toilet pan did not make it through their renovation work, but other sanitaryware did. The couple prefer to do their own design and product sourcing, rather than working with an interior designer. And they do as much of the renovation work as possible, only bringing in relevant trades when absolutely necessary.

We think they clearly have a discerning eye and they know their way around online shopping. They found an old chiffonier on e-bay, which they then repurposed to make a vanity unit. They also sourced Carrera marble wall tiles and porcelain floor tiles from a local tile gallery. Finally, they repurposed an Edwardian over-mantel to create a unique bathroom mirror.

Janene adds: “Our guests love the fresh, new bathroom and they appreciate that it incorporates old and new seamlessly.”

Beautiful mirror sourced for this bathroom to match the toilet pan and toilet system
An old chiffonier was repurposed to make a vanity unit

Eyes on the prize

While Janene appreciates the results are always worthwhile, she is honest that home renovations are not always easy. She admits that some tasks are less pleasant than others and that there are always unforeseen challenges to overcome.

Does Janene have any advice? Firstly, try hard to keep the faith at the beginning. Once the process is underway, and the end is in sight, everything is much more enjoyable. Secondly, she says make sure you have professional tradesmen and retail partners you can trust. She adds: “I would certainly recommend The Remarkable Toilet Company for your range of unique, bespoke and period replica sanitaryware and fittings. After all, our toilet pan fits in perfectly with its surroundings”

Our team is absolutely delighted with the results. The toilet pan showcases our skills and ability to replicate period sanitaryware, which will sit harmoniously alongside any original pieces.

Looking for the ultimate bespoke piece for your luxury bathroom? We can design and create top quality bespoke sanitaryware to complement your bathroom scheme. However, we also have existing items and you can see examples on our website here. Call us on 01362 684102 or email

Beautiful bathtub designs

June 14th is International Bath Day, which gives us the perfect opportunity to celebrate beautiful bathtub designs. After all, we do adore unwinding in a long, luxurious bath. In fact, there’s no better way to relax – especially if, once in a while, a glass of something cold and bubbly is involved!

Celebrate International Bath Day by relaxing in our Burlington Brindley Soaking Tub

Bathtub Burlington Brindley 1700mm Soaking-Tub-with-Base-Skirt-lrg

For many, like Greek scholar Archimedes, baths can be inspirational. In fact, he famously leapt from his tub, yelling ‘Eureka!’, following his groundbreaking hydrostatics discovery. (While bathing, he realised that a body immersed in fluid loses weight equal to the amount of fluid it displaces.) International Bath Day supposedly commemorates this special day and we can’t promise you any radical scientific discoveries. But we can showcase a selection of spectacular bathtubs, and hopefully inspire your new bathroom designs.

Freestanding and fancy

If your space and budget allows, spoil yourself and splash out on a freestanding bath. Nothing says luxury quite like standalone bathtubs. These days, there are so many different shapes, styles and colours to choose from.

Traditional-style tubs provide a cosy yet classic look. If like us, you’re a fan of indulgent, luxurious soaks, choose a slipper bath. These are named after their shape: one end is higher and curves up like a slipper. They are ideal if you’re after a deeper bathtub, and you can linger for ages without losing heat or comfort.

We think our Burlington Emperor Slipper Bath would work perfectly in a period bathroom design scheme

Bathtub Burlington Emperor Slipper bath

If your taste runs to traditional with a twist, texture is key. We’re big fans of our Arcade Belle Epoque bathroom collection. It’s designed to bridge the gap between today’s minimalist and yesterday’s period pieces. Our Arcade Albany natural stone bath incorporates sublime smooth curves and works well within both modern and traditional settings.

Our Arcade Albany bath is the perfect example of traditional with a twist

Bathtub Arcade Albany bath

Twice as nice

Some things are better shared. If you enjoy bathing à deux with your loved one, why not go large with a double-ended tub? They’re perfect for decadent, spa-style soaks!

Fancy a tub for two? How about our Cast Iron Bateau Bath – perfect for bathing à deux

Bathtub TRTC Bath, Bateau bath

Our handcrafted Cast Iron Bateau Bath features smooth curves and high quality stove-baked enamel. It’s available in an off-white eggshell shade, and either brass or chrome feet.

Of course, your tub doesn’t have to be traditional. Our mission is to banish the bland and bring on the bling. We have plenty of colours and textures to tempt you, so don’t be afraid to look beyond classic white.

Our Burlington Balthazar Double Ended Bath is available in three finishes, including black and stainless steel. The latter is perfect if you’re keen to add a modern edge to your bathroom design. Stainless steel is also very durable – and it will keep your bath warmer for longer, too!

Mad about metallics? Then feast your eyes on our stainless steel Balthazar bathtub from Burlington

Bathtub Burlington Bathazar bath

Showstopping centrepieces

If you’re looking for a bathtub that really stands out, consider unusual materials. Our Wood Panelled Bath With Steps is the epitome of Victorian-style chic. And it’s sure to be a talking point for any period bathroom!

This luxury wooden bath is carved from sustainable sources by professional UK craftsmen. It’s perfect if you’re a fan of organic materials, but still want to make a statement. Choose from mahogany, walnut or oak.

Yes we wood! Our gorgeous panelled bath with steps is sure to make a statement in any discerning period bathroom

Bathtub TRTC Wood Panelled Bath with Steps

If your décor is all about the glamour, your bathroom need be no exception. So, channel your inner French chatelaine – and ramp up the glitz – with this serious statement tub. Our bespoke Lyonnaise Bath was inspired by the grand chateaux of France. In fact, it’s available in several metallic finishes, including bronze, copper and gold. It’s also possible to customise the hand-carved ornamentation, for a truly personalised centrepiece.

Go grand: our bespoke Lyonnaise Bath aims to evoke the grand chateaux of France, and is available in bronze, copper and gold

Bathtub TRTC Lyonnaise Roll Top Bath

The art of accessorising

The right accessories can make or break an outfit – and the same goes for bathrooms. Once you’ve selected your bathtub, spend some time and attention on elements such as bath taps and mixers. The right tap can be truly transformative, while the wrong one can really ruin a look.

There are other practicalities to consider, aside from the aesthetics. First, know your water pressure. After all, you must select taps that are suitable for your home’s water system. Otherwise you could be waiting half an hour for that fabulous new bathtub to fill!

Many baths come without predetermined tap holes, so you have more freedom to choose exactly the style you’d like. In fact, certain models (usually cast iron, steel or stone) either come with pre-drilled holes, or none at all. If so, a separate floor-standing or wall-mounted tap is the way forward.

A bath shower mixer will be very versatile. It allows you to combine hot and cold water for the perfect temperature. Also, you can fill your bath effectively through one tap and rinse with the shower head.

Form and function: Our Arcade Bath Shower Mixer is stylish and practical

As always with design, small details can have a big impact. There are lots of different tap head styles available. Think hard about which ones best complement your specific sanitaryware and your general décor.

Our wall-mounted Burlington Bath Filler is available with a choice of four different tap head styles: Birkenhead, Anglesey, Claremont and Kensington

Bathtub Burlington bath filler wall mounted

Don’t forget about other finishing touches, such as the right feet for your bateau bath. This type of tub can of course sit flush to the floor. But certain types can be raised from the ground with feet, which enhance the ‘boat’ appearance. They also make cleaning much easier.

Bateau baths can be raised off the floor with our stylish feet, which further enhance their ‘boat’ appearance

The Remarkable Toilet Company logo

Struggling to select the bathtub of your dreams? We’re here to help. As well as our existing ranges, we can source and create bespoke items. Call us on 01362 684102 or email

Patterned bathrooms

Bold. Bright. Colourful. If you’d like your bathroom to have a bit of personality, pattern is the way forward. For adventurous interiors fans, there’s nothing drearier than a bland, identikit bathroom. Luckily, pattern is making a big comeback within contemporary design. This is great news for anyone who is looking for an excuse to let their imagination off the leash! Different colours and textures are a foolproof way to create a unique statement space. So if you’re one of the many who simply aren’t born to be mild, look no further. We can help you jazz up your bathroom or cloakroom with all sorts of different patterns and motifs. Read on for plenty of decoration inspiration!


White toilets, basins and baths… However, your bathroom doesn’t have to be this way! In fact, all white is not all right for everyone. So, take white for example – when you pair it with blue, it has so many more possibilities. Now, that might sound like a fairly traditional colour combination. But we like to give traditional things a twist. So, behold our stunning Blue Speckle Close Coupled Toilet. We think it’s the ideal patterned starting point for almost any traditional, vintage or contemporary interior. This toilet is available in both close coupled and low level versions. And if you’re feeling the blues (in the best possible sense) there’s even a matching basin!

What do you think our Blue Speckle toilet pan?

patterned bathrooms Blue speckle toilet


If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge with patterned sanitaryware, there are other ways to trial the trend. Wallpaper is a fast, easy and cost-effective way to introduce some pattern to your bathroom. Abstract designs work well, or why not experiment with a marine theme? If you’re worried about overwhelming a small space, create just one feature wall, like this.

We adore this fun fish wallpaper, showcased in this envy-inducing Brooklyn apartment, styled by Lauren Wills. Photo: Ungano + Agridomas

patterned bathrooms fish wallpaper

The fish theme of this Acquario wallpaper is super versatile, and is available in a range of different colourways. You can browse the full collection here.


Your bathroom basin is another way to experiment with pattern. A colourful countertop basin may seem an easier option. However, it will still add interest to your bathroom or cloakroom.

If you’re keen to stick with blue, other popular basin options include our Blue & White Pedestal model. Or be one of the first to enjoy our new Blue & White Parisian Basin.

Our new Parisian model is such an elegant design, it will work perfectly in a classic-style bathroom

Patterned bathrooms Parisian Basin

Why not add some pattern pizzazz with our gorgeous, new Peacock Basin, which is handcrafted, glazed and fired in the UK? The square style is perfect for adorning a handmade table or the top of a vanity unit.

Show off your style with our beautiful new Peacock-effect patterned countertop basin

Patterned bathrooms Square Countertop Basin Peacock White BG 01


Another way to introduce pattern to your bathroom is with fabric. After all, material will certainly help you achieve a bathroom pattern overhaul, so you can get creative with cloth instead.

Your bathroom blind is an obvious place to start. But remember, blinds are more than just a way to add some pattern to your palette. Think about condensation, light control – and your modesty! Brightly patterned roller blinds are cheerful and practical. This Fishbone Aquamarine roller blind from Hillarys is ideal for a family bathroom. We love the fun fish motif and the moisture-resistant fabric!

This moisture-resistant roller blind from Hillarys is the perfect way to introduce some pattern to a family bathroom

patterned bathrooms Fishbone aquamarine roller blind from Hillarys

If you’re new to pattern, or sharing a bathroom with somebody else who is, don’t despair. There are plenty of ways to start to add just a little texture and colour.

This Diamond Bath Mat from Graham and Green is a perfect example. The clever broken diamond pattern is designed to evoke old fishing nets. And it’s practical, as well as pretty. In fact, its non-slip underside and rug-inspired tassels mean cold, slippery floors are a thing of the past.

Pattern doesn’t have to be loud. We love the subtle design of this neutral bath mat from Graham and Green

patterned bathrooms Diamond Bath Mat Graham and Green


Patterned bathroom tiles are a great way to add interest to your walls and/or floor. Tiles are, of course, hugely practical. But they can also be immensely impactful. Mosaic tiles are a very popular choice, especially when used to create a feature ‘wall’ around a basin area. Top tip: smaller tiles with heavy patterns (and more grout lines) can look busy, and make a space feel smaller. So don’t be afraid to choose larger tiles. And laying tiles in diagonal patterns can trick the eye into seeing space as bigger than it really is. Chevron patterns work well here.

If patterned tiles for the whole bathroom are too much, why not compromise with our new Delft tiles-inspired toilet? Adorned in popular Delft tile scenes, this toilet will add a touch of Holland to your bathroom in an instant.

Our new Delft tiles-inspired toilet is a great way to embrace pattern in both traditional and contemporary bathroom settings

If you’re still unsure about whether to proceed with pattern, why not try some new towels? Bathroom accessories are a great way to test the water with any new trend. We’re very taken with these Bevel by Margo Selby cotton bath sheets, available from The chartreuse shade is sure to add some zing to your colour scheme. And we love the geometric jacquard weave – stylish and striking!

Patterned towels are an easy way to update your bathroom look

patterned bathrooms Bevel designed by Margo Selby for Madedotcom
The Remarkable Toilet Company logo

Need a helping hand with your bathroom design plans? Speak to us! As well as our existing ranges, we can create bespoke items, to help you create the bathroom of your dreams. Call 01362 684102 or email

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